Festive decorations for your garden

By on December 2, 2017

Years ago we were able to list the “mad houses” dotted around Ireland who went all out for christmas by decorating and lighting up their homes outside like “the Americans”.  For fun, for charity, for Christmas it was brilliant.

Now we’re all at it, more and more homes are going all out for Christmas with festive lightening from roof to ground, trees, bushes and hedges lit up so brightly it can confuse pilots and front door wreathes which we used to make around the kitchen table to current day garland wrapped, holly covered, led lit wreaths seen from a mile away!

Whatever side of the fence you sit below are some links to ideas for making your outdoors festive this Christmas.

Can I just add my favourite is and always will be the kids home made decorations – this year’s project is outdoor snowflakes, wish me luck!


For festive lighting indoor and outdoor try the Irish suppliers festivelighting.ie

American site for Christmas decorations and good images to spark the imagination! Click here

Honestly 27 ideas for outdoor decorations? What’s not to love! Click here

To clean up your garden and get it “festive ready”