To Deck or not to deck…..that is the question!

By on August 25, 2017

One of the biggest decisions we tend to have is whether to patio or deck.  Naturally it comes down to our clients preferences, look of the design and versatility of both.  We thought we would put together some pros and cons to make your decision easier.  You should know we love working with both and have often combined both in some garden designs.

Patio Pros

  • Easy maintenance (if you’ve chosen a good quality paving)
  • Good choice of colours and textures
  • Depending on the Paving choice and quality it can look good with almost all selection of property styles
  • Stands the test of time (if you’ve chosen a good quality paving)

Patio Cons

  • Can be more detailed building and construction requirements, especially in areas with a lot of ground movement where reinforcement is needed
  • Costs tend to be higher and the better the quality the higher the cost
  • A consideration is the impact on the environment

Deck Pros

  • Quicker to install and can be easier build and construction route
  • Its a very natural looking material
  • Depending on choice it can be slightly cheaper depending on wood used

Deck Cons

  • Many of our clients are looking for an Eden that doesn’t require too much maintenance – decking does require annual oiling, can require sanding and a re-varnish too
  • If you decide not to do the maintenance, which we can also do, untreated wood particularly softwood decking won’t last as long as it an
  • If you have kids, or elderly people living with you wood can be very slippery in winter

So think about the type of house you have you may well have the type of house that will suit either paving or decking. If that is the case it comes down to personal taste. If you still haven’t made up your mind look at is the style of garden is it a traditional design you prefer or a more modern garden type?

Do you like simple, clean lines or lots of interesting details and textures? It is easier to create interesting patterns and textures with paving than it is with decking. However, if you like clean lines and minimal detail, then decking is great for this.

Lots of things to think about and of course we are always on hand to help with design and design choices!