The growth of artificial grass

By on September 18, 2017








Does your lawn have to be the real thing?  Synthetic, fake or artificial lawns are increasing in popularity, we’ve installed 100’s of gardens over the years for families who are looking for a year round solution without the need for mowing, maintenance, mud or mess.

So why artificial grass? Easy – you can relax in the summer, kids can play outside whatever the season (think of our summer and autumns with rain on one day and heat on the next but the grass is already a wet mess), pets love it, there’s no maintenance and it really extends the beauty of your home……from the outside in and visa versa.

Benefits of fake grass

  • No more mowing; no more heavy lawnmowers or strimming.
  • No more weeding or pesticides.
  • Artificial grass also avoids use of fertilisers.
  • Maintenance free means more money and time
  • Easy on the environment.
  • Doesn’t need watering – so your lawn will remain green even in droughts. (feck off Irish Water!)
  • Perfect for older people and those with reduced mobility
  • Pet perfect too!
  • Cleaner and more hygienically safe
  • Can’t be dug up by dogs
  • Can be played on all year round, and is soft on hands, kness and paws
  • Hypoallergenic, which means people and pets with hay fever can enjoy their garden in summer
  • More time to relax and enjoy your garden

We install the grasses for you, there is a range of grasses available and we can help you choose for your budget, lifestyle and asethically too!

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