Tips on planning your garden

By on August 8, 2017

As a landscaper its always tempting to say “Call us we’ll do the garden design!” but in truth it’s so much more helpful to have an idea of what you would like your garden to be.  The more thought and pre-planning helps us design, plan, create and build the best garden we can for you.  Follows is some quick tips to help you along in that process.


From all good lists things will grow

Take time, make a list of what you believe you would like to see, what you think you’ll need and your must have’s.

Do you have pets that race around digging up the garden? What age are your kids now and what might they need now, near future and down the line? How involved in the garden do you want to be, will you want to grow vegetables, plant, weed and prune – those decisions will make a difference on having a low or high maintenance garden.

Do you wish to entertain outside, would you like to eat on a terrace, patio or decking?

Draw it out, rough sketches of where you want to place things will really help the process. I read once that “These lists are just that, not plans, just ideas from where great Edens begin”

Study the elements

Study the sun and wind patterns. You might want to place your hang out area on the west side of the house, but it will get lots of afternoon sun, which means dinnertime in August won’t be as relaxing but blinding and hot!. Remember wind whistling around a corner will quickly bring you inside or put out a fire pit!

Live with it

Just like interior advice when you buy a new home is to live in it for 6 months to a year before you make any major changes, we say the same for the outdoor space.  Its time to take your garden as seriously as your home.  A beautiful garden will entice you to spend more time outside, within nature rather than looking at nature.

So live with it for a while. See where the sun rises and sets, what are the shadows and where to they lie, what are the trees, how do they move and what kind of planting is there that you’d like to keep, move, take out.  To know it is to live with it!

Work around

Sometimes its best to work around a focal point. Any good garden design has a focal point or series of focal points, like a barbecue area, planting, pond, sculpture or rockery. Move the eye on a journey of exploration in summer that can be through colour and winter through design.

Trust the experts……Us!

We are good at what we do, we have designed 100’s of Irish gardens.  We will advise, help, support and suggest changes but only because we are giving you are best and expert advice.  Our hope is your open to change, everything has a work around.