Paving has an important structural role in the garden and should look attractive as well as being functional. Paving and patios are the framework of the garden linking different parts of it together both physically and aesthetically and providing firm surfaces to walk on, which dry out quickly after rain.

It can be used for constructing all types of areas ranging from patios and driveways to paths, steps etc. It can also be used creatively, by making interesting paving features and using paving in a practical way to make raised beds for easy access to planted areas of shrubs and flowers.

Paul Dunne Landscaping uses a wide variety of paving materials from natural stone such as Indian Sandstone to precast concrete products.

The choice of materials is almost endless and the ways in which paving can be laid is equally varied. Paul Dunne Landscaping offers expert advice in the selection and use of materials appropriate to your garden requirements and budget.