Tree Surgery

Paul Dunne Landscaping protects the health, beauty, and value of one of the most important natural resources on earth, your trees. We have a comprehensive knowledge of arboriculture, soil science, root systems, and pest management.

We can safely dismantle any tree to ground level. We have years of experience of working with all sorts of trees and sites, including removing very large trees from very restricted sites.Tree felling is the complete removal of a tree. Where space allows, the tree is felled in a single section using various techniques to control the direction of fall.

During normal tree felling or dismantling, the main stump of the tree will be left in the ground and cut off as close to soil level as possible without further digging. The stump will be ground into chips with a specialized machine to a maximum depth of 300mm below the existing soil level over the width of the trunk cross section. Smaller roots spreading out from the main stump will be left undisturbed in the soil. The resulting soil / chip mixture will be left tidily at the position of the original stump unless otherwise stated. This is normally carried out so that paths and drives can be resurfaced and gardens replanted and re-turfed.

Woodchip is produced on site when we are shredding brash and small branches. This can either be left on site for the customer’s own use, or taken back to our yard.