Water Features

The most relaxing place on earth is your own backyard. A water feature allows you to travel back to nature. If you ever went to a friend’s or family member’s house that had a surrounding atmosphere of wonderful noises and sights to make your day or night more comfortable and relaxing, then you have experienced the best of nature in that backyard.

For most hard working people coming home from work to sit in your own backyard to relax is the best place on earth. The transformation of turning your own backyard into a wonderful place of natural beauty is priceless.

Streams can add a whole new dimension to your landscape. Used tastefully, a stream can be the common link in your landscape design. The sound of the water is very relaxing and sets the mood for the pond. Shallow, flowing water is a favorite place for birds to bathe. Streams add the dimension of motions which gives your landscape a life of its own. They are also very important in cultivating and encouraging wildlife to develop. 

One benefit a stream provides is added filtration. Water flowing over gravel is a natural filtering process. The highly oxygenated water flowing over the gravel supports large numbers of beneficial bacteria. 

Whenever possible, we recommend a stream be added to your pond. One of our experienced design consultants will help you create a beautiful stream to compliment your pond.